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Meet Justine

Certified Life Coach

Hi! I’m Justine Gelevan.


I am a people enthusiast! And I believe professional growth is personal. When someone is growing in any way, it’s going to affect the whole person. 


And when we hire for our companies… we are hiring REAL PEOPLE so we need to support them holistically.


I am a certified professional coach and consultant supporting leaders, employees and individuals with 8+ of years experience. 


I've worked with a lot of teams and leaders and here's what I've seen time and time again... 


A gap in the support offered through traditional HR. 


I've seen people promoted to management positions and given no training or support - suddenly expected to just think  from a manager's headspace.


Occasionally people are recommended a book they should read, but they're certainly not provided customized personal and professional development support. 


There is a major gap in support for management. 


And I fill that gap. 

Image by Andrew Neel

My passion is supporting businesses and corporate leaders in small to medium sized businesses to:


  • Create more flexible professional development for their teams

  • Deliver customized and supportive HR solutions

  • Coach and train in mindset, teamwork, communication skills, corporate culture

  • Train Leadership skills and visioning 

  • Nurture healthy leadership headspace


Usually there is support for lower level employees, but when you get to the manager level, the support is gone - there is no manager that you can go to for help anymore… 


This is where and how I help. I equip your management team to communicate better with their staff and feel supported in their responsibilities.  


It’s my passion to meet people where they are and create a plan that works for them, whether you are running a small start-up team, a larger franchise or retail business or scaling your company to the next level… there’s a personal-professional development solution for you.


Find out how to work with me here. [link to services]


Or contact me to set up a call.

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