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Take back your healthy headspace

Leadership Coaching for CEOs, Management and Employees

Meet Justine

Personal & Professional Development Coach

Hi - I’m Justine. 
I’m a certified professional coach. I work with small to medium sized companies to support their leadership and teams. 


I help leaders like you… to stop doing things you know you shouldn’t be doing. 

I specialize in helping you

  • Empty your mental cup

  • Get clear on what you do and how you do it

  • Bring more awareness to positive goal setting and breaking negative habits


Read more About my Passion for Leadership Development


What Do Coaches Do Anyway? 

About Coaching

My coaching will help you:

Tune In - get present with your thoughts and feelings - see that you are not your thoughts, but rather, you have thoughts

Build Confidence - Step into your strengths and identify your zone of genius

Get Clarity - Learn to hear your inner voice and calm that inner critic

Stop Stressing - Learn to find peace and contentment right here in the now

Build Skills - Learn how you relate to yourself and others using the Enneagram, Drama Triangle and mindfulness check-ins

Get Support - Life is complicated, support from a coach will help guide you through the process from stressed to present

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You've got options...


1:1 Coaching


Group coaching




Free Initial 


What Are You Looking to Refine & Redefine?

Self Belief & Confidence

Life Goals & Vision

Leadership Skills

Team Engagement & Communication

"I’ve tried all kinds of other courses - they were all great knowledge but I just filed them away as good to know. Coaching created a space for me to purposefully apply tools to change my life and work.” 

Lori F

“Coaching helped me to create the space to be more present and aware of my thoughts to find peace in the moment - it made a huge difference - changed my life!”

Deb S.

I've learned so much from Justine about myself and how to address my story before I can fully give 100% to my business. 

Mariam D

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Meet Justine

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